Easy Wash

Sludge handling

Easy Bio Clean perform sludge treatment and dewatering of sludge with centrifuges. The centrifuges are built on trailers and easy to move from one place to another. Therefore, we can offer our services on site at the customers premises.

The process separates the water from sludge by centrifuging and using polymers.
Water separated in the process is, depending on type of sludge, often after analysis clean enough to be routed to drain. The dried masses are moved to containers by screw conveyor directly from the centrifuge, ready to be transported to final disposal. Considerable economic saves can be made in transports and waste costs when excessive water is removed from the total amount of waste.

Sludge drying is suitable for business that generate sludge as side product, stored in ponds or tanks.
Paying transports and waste costs for pure water is not reasonable, therefore, sludge drying is an excellent solution.