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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice blasting is suitable for efficient and environmentally safe cleaning of a great range of different materials and constructions, even in spaces where use of traditional water based cleaning methods are not suitable.

In dry ice blasting, carbon dioxide in ice form (-78 °c) is blown with compressed air to the surface to be cleaned. When the dry ice hits the surface in a very high speed it sublimes immediately to gas form and leaves no other rests than the material distached from the cleaned surfaces.

Examples of cleaning objects with dry ice:
• Metal-, stone-, concrete-, wood- and plastic surfaces
• Removing of soot, tar, oil, paint, glue, asphalt, mold, moss etc.
• Pumps, machinery, engines, hydraulic and many other industrial objects
• Facades, walls, statues, gravestones, monuments, pavements
• Removal of loose paint before painting of wooden structures
• Cars, boats and other vehicles


We perform dry ice blasting in cooperation with Dry Ice Finland.

coldjet sdi5 200


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